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Traffic Management

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fraud control traffic

The ongoing decline in international Long-Distance traffic, has seen year-over-year decreases ranging from 20% to 30%.

C3ntro Global recognizes the significance of adaptability and effective traffic control for operators. Our commitment lies in providing exceptional service and achieving favorable outcomes.

At C3ntro Global, we have developed a specialized service specifically for operators and carriers, acknowledging their unique needs and challenges. By entrusting us with the management of their international traffic, operators can redirect their focus to their core business operations.

Reduce income erosion

Single invoice for traffic termination

Unified invoicing
and collecting

Transparency and traffic visibility with customizable dashboards

Traffic Consolidation

Traffic Consolidation
Traffic and rate control based
on the operator's objective

Proactive Fraud Control

Proactive Fraud Control
& Peace of mind

Tailor made Solution

Tailor made Solution
Plan made according to market conditions
and the operators needs

Proven track record

Proven track record
Over 14 years of Traffic Management
experience in Latam

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