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LOCATION, MEXICO – MARCH 16, 2015 - C3NTRO Telecom, a service provider of Carrier and Enterprise solutions for the Mexican and International markets, announces the appointment of Tucker Davidson to its Advisory Board. This appointment is a testament to Tucker’s contributions, enabling C3NTRO’s international growth and product integration over the past two years. 

C3NTRO Telecom, the parent company of IPBtel, is a full-service enterprise telecommunications provider licensed in Mexico. The company delivers a full suite of Unified Communications, IP telephony, contact center, SMS solutions and cloud services including video, voice and data. C3NTRO´s Carrier Division, IPBtel, provides global companies key telecom services into Mexico and Central America including voice, SMS and data. For the past two-years, Tucker has focused on growing the Carrier Services group for IPBtel, helping companies deliver quality, cost-effective solutions into Mexico and Central America. 

"IPBtel and the entire C3NTRO Telecom team would like to congratulate Tucker on his new position. His hard work and outstanding contributions were essential to the growth we experienced over the last two years,” comments Simon Masri, President and CEO of C3NTRO Telecom. “Tucker will remain an advisor for C3ntro Telecom Group as we move forward expanding our product portfolio and preparing to unveil new opportunities for the global telecom community.” 

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C3NTRO Telecom is a global service provider with over 20 years of experience in the telecom industry. The company provides a variety of International solutions for carrier and enterprise businesses through its six product areas encompassing a full suite of carrier voice and data services. The company’s suite of solutions include carrier voice with direct termination capabilities delivering over 500 million minutes of international voice traffic per month and an SMS hub that carries over 100 Million SMS per month. C3NTRO’s Enterprise focused solutions include its Unified Communications for large enterprise businesses in Mexico including Hosted PBX, Wi-Fi, LAN/WAN, Internet and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS); Microsoft Business Productivity solutions including Microsoft Lync, Sharepoint, Office 365, EMS and Yammer. 

C3NTRO is the largest Microsoft Unified Communications Partner in Mexico. C3NTRO delivers customers Hosted Contact Center solutions, Video-as-a-Service, data communications and more. C3NTRO is a fully licensed operator in Mexico with over 200 employees with offices in Miami, Houston, Monterrey in the United States; Mexico City, Mexico and Israel. For more information visit